Dry Cleaning

Green Dry Cleaning 

At Clifton Cleaners, we show your garments the same care and consideration we would show our own. We use SYSTEMK4, which is the safest, most advanced and environmentally-sensitive dry cleaning process in the world. SYSTEMK4 is approved by the New York State of Environmental Conservation and is shown to clean better than the industry standard. It is a non-toxic, biodegradable and uses less steam than other products.

We can remove most stains, bring your garment in as soon as possible, the less time it sets, the easier it will come out.  

We strive to provide you the best dry cleaning services in the area.
By bringing your clothing to Clifton Cleaners, you can help sustain the planet and enjoy the benefit of brighter whites and colors, softer clean clothes, and neutral-smelling garments free of chemical odors.

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